The Possible typeface is supplied in two equally plausible states – Possible Sans and Possible Serif. The two families are identical, only the name is changed and the downloads include both classifications. Possible Sans is a sans-serif impersonating a spur serif, and Possible Serif is a glyphic with the look and feel of a sans. Possible is either, and either is possible.

This clean, contemporary typeface is inspired by Percy J Delf Smith’s ’Petit Serif’ from 1928, and similarly takes inspiration from Johnston’s Underground, though more recent influences provide geometric and humanist elements that, together with the micro-serifs, improve clarity and legibility.

Spur serifs such as Petit Serif, Copperplate and Liberty are often caps-only fonts, but Possible contains a lowercase, as well as a full Latin Extended-A character set.

Possible is available in five weights – Thin, Light, Regular, Medium and Bold – each with a corresponding, optically-corrected italic.

Possible Sans/Serif Thin is available as a ‘free for personal use’ download.

Download | Possible Sans/Serif Thin - Free for personal use