Frequently Asked Questions

Which Licence do I need?

For normal business use, a K-Type Commercial Licence costs just £15 (GBP), but you may need an Enterprise Licence costing £180 (GBP) for ambitious projects or extended use. For full details see Which Licence Do I Need?.

Do I need a K-Type account?

No, you don’t need an account to download free fonts, and anyone can buy fonts as a guest. However, creating a K-Type account enables you to re-download the fonts you buy should you lose them.

I’ve lost my Password!

Go to this page to reset your password. Don’t forget to look in your spam folder if you don’t receive our reset email!

What format are K-Type fonts?

Fonts are supplied in the two OpenType file formats – most people will choose the familiar .ttf TrueType flavoured file, but there’s also the .otf PostScript flavoured OpenType. K-Type fonts are downloaded as zipped archives, so you might need to unzip or extract the font files before installing.

How can I get free fonts?

Many K-Type fonts are supplied Free for Personal Use, for use by an individual, friends and family. Free Fonts can be downloaded from the font page without charge and as long as they are not used for business or publicity purposes, or as webfonts, they don’t require a licence. Uniquely, the typeface created for this website, Sinkin Sans, has been made available totally free for all uses.

Can our group use a free font?

K-Type occasionally receives requests from non-profit or non-commercial groups who wish to use a font to promote their activities. However, publication exceeds the terms of the ‘Free for Personal Use’ category which simply permits individual usage among friends and family. As stated in the K-Type Licence Agreement, ‘free fonts used for business or promotional purposes, or as webfonts, need to be licensed’.

Sometimes K-Type will issue a free discretionary licence to a good cause, but these are only given to organisations directly created for an explicit and positive purpose that addresses a particular social need or opposes specific injustice. Groups that promote a religious ideology would not normally be included in this category.

How do I buy Pay Fonts?

Choose the Licence you need and add it to your Shopping Cart. Make your payment through PayPal and you’ll then be redirected back to K-Type for a link to your download. You will also receive the download link via email.

Not received your download email?

Check your spam folder, or simply email

Can I pay in euros or dollars?

Yes, our prices are listed in pounds sterling (GBP), but PayPal instantly converts prices to your primary currency.

Why don’t you spell correctly?

The K-Type Foundry is based in Manchester England, so forgive us if we generally use British English and spell flavour and colour with an additional ‘u’, and licence with two ‘c’s when it’s a noun. It may be quirky, but it’s quaint.

How do I use the fonts?

Once the fonts are extracted (unzipped), put the .ttf file in your operating system’s Fonts folder, from here they are made available to all the applications or programs you use.
WINDOWS: Put the extracted font file into C:\Windows\Fonts
MAC: Put the font file into /Library/Fonts

How do I use your Two Colour fonts?

Several K-Types (such as Provincial, Magical Mystery Tour, Flip, Pop Cubism, and Rick Griffin Contour) come as sets of two or three fonts, with matching spacing and kerning, that can be overlapped to create bicolour or multicolour artwork. To do this you will need a program or application that uses layers, such as Photoshop or Fireworks. Layout applications such as InDesign will also enable you to overlap colour separated artwork.

I can’t find the character I need…

K-Type fonts are normally made with a full set of standard Latin characters, and most recent K-Types come with a full set of Latin Extended-A glyphs containing all the common European accented characters. The Indian Rupee sign has been added as standard to our most recent typefaces, and the new Russian Ruble sign is also being added to our repertoire.

We are increasingly widening the scope of our fonts and some include alternatives or swash characters that can be used by ‘OpenType’ aware applications such as InDesign or Illustrator, but may not be accessible using desktop publishing or painting programs.

I need an extra character

Please email if you require additional characters. There is often no charge to existing licence holders for adding one or two accented characters. Bigger changes, and additions such as company logos or signatures, are chargeable.

K-Type is an independent type foundry that offers high quality, inexpensive fonts to designers. Many can be downloaded free for personal use. More About K-Type.