K-Types Set Loose

When Merchant & Mills, the English drapers’ supplier, needed a font with a rustic and homely, down-to-earth feel for their products, they turned to K-Type’s recently enlarged Mailart Rubberstamp family to provide just the right sense of traditional, hand-crafted reliability for their delightfully simple, no-nonsense packaging.

Mailart Rubberstamp - Merchant & Mills

Also making extensive use of Mailart Rubberstamp’s old-school aura is clothing retailer Fat Face, who testify to the font’s versatility from huge shop window displays right down to individual garment labels.

Mailart Rubberstamp - FatFace

UK based Indian food manufacturer, Patak’s, is also keen on K-Type. The company uses Mailart Rubberstamp in its advertising, and K-Type Norton adds the perfect portion of ‘exotic’ to the labels of its sauces and spices.

Norton - Pataks

Another K-Type font, Ray Johnson, provides the friendly and informal face of Oloves, snack packs of tastily flavoured olives.