Sinkin Sans Narrow

Sinkin Sans Narrow is a simple, pleasantly proportioned and easy to read sans-serif, available in all 9 standard web weights, 100 to 900, plus italics, so the face is a comprehensive illustration of the CSS web font numerical scale.

Sinkin Sans fonts are designed with tiny, inconspicuous notches that sink into verticals at the intersections of strokes, adding highlights to congested corners. The incisions make right angles appear sharper and improve definition in more intricate characters.

Sinkin Sans Narrow inherits the enviable clarity and readability of the luxuriously wide original family. The Narrow typeface, however, is designed to economise on space within busy web pages and has been sensitively condensed for maximum legibility.

Each weight of Sinkin Sans Narrow is supplied with a free Italic. The original, luxury width Sinkin Sans family remains absolutely free for personal and commercial use.

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