Mancunium is a sans serif family with a contemporary monolinear character, though designed with the iconic proportions of Roman capitals in mind.

In addition to reliable romans, the typeface includes proper, optically corrected italics. Also, uniquely, a set of ‘vertalics’ that contain the more scriptlike glyphs of the italics with angled stem terminals, but which are unslanted and upright in aspect, and without the slight narrowing of the italics.

Each font includes a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters and additional oldstyle numerals.

Mancunium is sold in two collections – a Regular/Bold package and a Light/Medium package. Each package contains six fonts – two romans, two italics, and two vertalics.

Mancunium Vertalic (regular weight) is available as a ‘free for personal use’ download.

Download | Mancunium Vertalic (regular) - free for personal use