Curwen Sans

Curwen Sans is a monoline sans-serif dating from the early twentieth century. Though contemporary with Johnston’s Underground and Gill Sans, and emerging from the same artistic milieu, Curwen Sans was created solely for in-house use at the Curwen Press in London so never achieved a wide audience or recognition.

The original face was cut only in a Medium weight, but the new digital family consists of four weights, each with an optically corrected Oblique, and all containing a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters.

You can read more about the origin of Curwen Sans and the development of K-Type’s revival in the Kernel.

K-Type Curwen Sans comprises three packages:

• Basic Family (Regular, Oblique, Bold, and Bold Oblique)
• Light (Light and Light Oblique)
• Medium (Medium and Medium Oblique)

Download | Curwen Sans (regular) - free for personal use